Many experts suggest that when it comes to visiting the dentist for the first time, early screening is best. Some pediatricians recommend taking your child as soon as their first birthday. Others say no less than six months after their first tooth arrives. The American Dental Association agrees with that recommendation.


Dental disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in childhood. It’s unlikely your child will develop these complications, but the risk is minimized further when you find the best dentist for kids in your area and approach them early and often.

In this guide, we offer sage advice for parents looking for their child’s first pediatric dentist—one both you and your child can trust. If you’re struggling to narrow down the options and land on a winner, keep reading!

Look for a Compassionate Doctor With a History of Childcare

While seeing the dentist is typically a normal and stress-free situation, some children do have a fear of visiting.

With that being said, the right dentist can ease those fears and make the entire experience one that is warm and confidence-building.

Because of this, it’s important to speak with prospective dentists about what they can do to make your child’s interaction one that’s as pleasant as possible. At Dr. Wheeler’s pediatric dentistry practice, we specialize in making the environment one that’s child-friendly and anxiety-free. That includes:

  • Having a plethora of tooth fairy-related items, including an enormous library of children’s books
  • Offering tooth fairy containers and pillowcases to make losing teeth seem fun and exciting
  • An office that’s kid-friendly, from the decorations on the walls to the waiting room, teeth-brushing station, and more
  • Allowing the parent to be present during the initial visit, but otherwise encouraging children to be alone with the friendly staff—instilling your child with confidence and reducing apprehension

Another thing to look for is experience.

For example, Dr. Rebecca Wheeler not only completed her dental degree at a University but also did a residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. After that, she had years of practice at other offices before ultimately starting her own practice.

What this means for your family is interacting with someone who’s put in the time and the effort to work with children specifically, learning their nuances, behaviors, and their fears—allowing the doctor to qualm them with expertise.

A Well-Rounded Pediatric Dentist Is Crucial for Growing With the Patient

When searching for the best Nicholasville pediatric dentist, you’ll want to think beyond the initial visit.

You’ll want to consider the fact that your child will be growing up with this dentist. Hopefully, for as long as you live in the Nicholasville, Kentucky, area, your child will see that same dentist for all their dental needs. Whether it’s a six-month check-up (preventative dentistry), restorative dentistry, or something different, this dentist will likely be your one-stop-shop.

So, during your consultation, ask them what types of services they offer.

At Dr. Wheeler’s pediatric practice, we specialize in:

  • Restorative dentistry—fillings, replacing missing or damaged teeth, bridges, implants, etc.
  • Preventative dentistry—six-month check-ups that ensure teeth are growing properly
  • Special care, for children with severe anxiety or those with special needs
  • One-on-one plans that address the individual needs of the patient
  • Sedative dentistry

This wide range of offerings will allow us to care for your child at all stages of development.

Word of Mouth and Online Reviews Are an Excellent Resource

Before you even start consulting with dentists, you’ll need to find dentists.

What better way to do so than by asking your fellow parents and neighbors?

You can begin asking others informally before your child even needs a dentist, giving you time to compare the options. Ask them how their children felt post-appointment and how they felt the staff handled the needs of your child. If they had either positive or negative experiences, they can offer a firsthand account of what was great (or what wasn’t).

To find useful online reviews, simply Google key phrases such as “best children’s dentist near me.”

From the search engine results pages, you’ll be able to see things like reviews and testimonials from other parents just like you, who are sure to be frank about their experiences.

A Consultation Is a Great Way to Learn About Your Local Dentist

When you’ve found a dentist you think is ideal for your child, the next and final step is to schedule an appointment with them.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions that come to mind, such as:

  • When should my child begin seeing a pediatric dentist?
  • When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?
  • What toothpaste should we use?
  • Should I accompany my child into the room during their appointment?
  • What if my child sucks his or her thumb?
  • How often should my child see their pediatric dentist?
  • How much does pediatric dentistry cost?
  • What kind of insurance do you take?

The best dentist will not only answer these questions, but those you didn’t know you had! Don’t be afraid to consult with them about any concerns. The right dentist won’t hesitate to meet with you and offer any information possible.

The Best Dentist for Kids Is Right in Your Neighborhood!

When looking for a kid’s dentist, this guide should lead you to the winner.

It’s imperative you find a dentist with extensive pediatric experience, a wide range of service offerings, a kid-friendly space, and glowing reviews from parents and children alike. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. Asking questions of prospective dentists is a great way to learn their mannerisms, gauge their personality, and get to know their experience levels.

At Dr. Wheeler’s, we’re happy to answer any questions, meet with you and your child, and prove that we’re the best dentist for kids in your local area.

Please contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

You can find us on 106 Fairfield Drive, or call us at 859-885-0086. We look forward to hearing from you!