Did you know that there will be 178,867 dentist practices in the United States in 2022? There has been a .4% growth on average for the dentist industry every year since 2017. There are a lot of dentists to choose from, and you want to be careful when selecting one for your family. Keep reading, and we will guide you through the seven mistakes families make when choosing a kid’s dentist.

1. Basing Your Decision Solely on Location

Although having a dentist nearby is ideal for convenience when you’re trying to get there with your kids or in case of any emergency, you don’t want this to be the only factor you consider. If you’re looking for a Nicholasville children’s dentist, you should look at multiple dentists in the area.

Don’t cheat yourself by choosing the one that you can walk to without looking into any others. It’s essential to evaluate your options before deciding when it comes to finding the best dentist for kids.

2. New Technology

When looking for a Nicholasville pediatric dentist, you want to consider their dental technology. If a dentist’s office has the latest technology, you know that they are always looking to improve patient care and that you’re getting the best care.

You can learn more about new dental technology and stay up to date on what’s transforming the dental industry. It’s crucial when you’re considering care for your kids that you look for the best.

3. Reviews vs. Referrals

People get drawn in if they see positive patient reviews on a dentist’s website. However, you should be wary if only positive reviews are swaying them that way.

It would be best if you looked to see how they respond to negative reviews as well as how they handle those types of situations. Thoughts are different than referrals, which is also essential to consider.

Referrals are if you ask friends, family, or coworkers for recommendations for a dentist. It’s beneficial if they have kids, too, and you can get a feel for if it’s a good fit because people close to you will be honest with you.

4. Looking for a Budget

Understandably, you want to take budget into account when you’re looking for a dentist. If you have a situation where you need an emergency pediatric dentist, you want to find out how much it will cost under unideal circumstances.

However, one of the most significant dental mistakes is choosing a dentist you find to be the cheapest. The issue you will face with a low-cost dentist is that they will end up cutting costs elsewhere.

For example, they will not invest in new technology and may have less training than in other places. You want to make sure you find a place for your kids that has the latest and greatest technology and invests in its employees.

A better alternative is looking for a place that offers financing options; that way, you can pay a more expensive bill over time while knowing you’re getting the best care. You can likely work with many places on a payment plan if needed.

5. Not Checking Your Dental Insurance

When you’re looking for a dentist, you should always take into consideration where you are covered by insurance. Routine cleaning will cost a lot more if you aren’t covered; even if it doesn’t seem like you have a lot covered, it will help cut costs in the long run.

When you start reaching out to dentists, the first thing you should ask is if your insurance covers them. After you collect a list of dentists that are, then you can take other steps to evaluate if they are the right choice for you and your kids.

At Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry, you can call us before scheduling an appointment, and our receptionist will go through what insurance we cover us. Look through the services we offer for kids today.

6. Don’t Settle

When it comes to getting dental care for your kids, you want to make sure you find someone that’s a good fit for them and someone that makes you comfortable as well. Please don’t settle for someone you’ve never talked to because they are covered by insurance or are close by.

Before you go into the dentist’s office or schedule an appointment, you should ask to talk to them on the phone. Building a relationship with them will make it much easier for you to feel comfortable with them taking care of your kids.

You want your dentist to give you advice and a complete idea of your child’s dental needs so you know what you can do at home. Dr. Wheeler has an FAQ and tips on her website so you can navigate any situation and know exactly what to do.

7. Picking a Dentist With Little Training

Lastly, you want to ensure the dentist you choose has intensive training and certifications. Not only should the dentist have this training, but you want to make sure their employees also have the knowledge and expertise that’s needed to take care of your kids.

You want a dentist capable of offering your kids the best dental care and who knows how to use the latest technology. You can ask what certifications each dentist has and research what each means or ask around.

You will feel much better about your kids knowing that your dentist and their staff have the proper certifications, training, and schooling.

Choose Your Kid’s Dentist Today

When you need to choose your kid’s dentist, you want to avoid some common mistakes people make in the process.

These mistakes include basing your decision only on location, finding a dentist that doesn’t use new technology, basing things on reviews over referrals, or choosing the cheapest option. You also want to make sure you check your dental insurance, don’t settle, and you need to make sure your dentist has the proper certifications and training.

Contact Dr. Wheeler today with questions about your kid’s dental care and to find out more about our practice, what insurance and financing options we have, and more.